Another Hour
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leahrussell Writer, artist, hypnotist, coach, healer
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Living Inside of Me

Another Hour

Well hey there bestfriend!! Long time no see!

Do you wanna do nothing and just lay in bed? You know, shut all the blinds and black out the room.

Turn off your phone so no one can check on you?

Close your eyes and pretend you're asleep?

Try to ignore it, but you still listen to me.

All of the things inside your head. All of the demons hiding under your bed.

Sometimes you're able to shut me out. Change the topic of your mind and cut me out.

Keep yourself busy so the negativity stops.

But living with me never stops the shock.

I'll catch you whether you expect it or not.

Creep inside your mind, body, and soul.

You'll try to get rid of me, but I'll never let go

Medication, therapy, doctors, supports. One day its all working, the next you have no worth.

We'll push everyone away to make it easier when it hurts.

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