When I fell for you
When I fell for you  romance stories

leafygreen7 just here for fun! :)
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When I fell for him.
This makes me want to message him after all this time 😂

When I fell for you

It was quiet on our hill You crack your knuckles and the world falls still

All new, all exciting Too deep and a little bit frightening

We were solemn, we were smart I touched your hand when you made me laugh

And you were nervous, I was too! Who wouldn’t be when our friendship was new?

But soon I fell deeper- and I think you did later Or maybe I can’t tell Hidden behind the scared hater

We almost had something, I’m convinced we almost did! Texting every night -I’d live for your morning messages

But now I’m not sure I think I was wrong? It’s too easy to misinterpret an unwritten song. With lines missing and awkward beats I miss you, I do.

Now it’s only me sitting on our two grassy seats

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