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leafygreen7 just here for fun! :)
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More of my retrospective thoughts about him. Enjoy! xx

Longing for you

It was the sweet undertones of your laugh that brought me to life.

The sturdy frames of your glasses that you always tried to hide.

The strength in your forearms which helped lift me up

and the bubbly giddy stillness we would always disrupt.

The way we weren't quite sure what was happening,

as day by warm day progressed,

and our relationship started ravelling

as I soon became obsessed.

I memorised the tiny lengths of text you'd send me

even studied your bitmoji in its vest

I wrote and rewrote our names together,

as if revising for an intertwined test.

But now my voice changes when I'm talking to you.

I'm too loud, too much to handle

it's strange and comes out strangled.

How do I say that I've dreamt of us

, of you and I together,

and escape this fatal friend-zone where I fear I'll be forever.

How do I tell you that I think of your mouth

or daydream about your hands

when we haven't spoken in a month and I'm sure you'll misunderstand.

Because now I more than miss you.

You eternal piece of my heart.

I long for your touch and comfort that I felt way back at the start.

Thank you for reading! Don't forget the leave a like, comment or message as they really make my day!!<3 any suggestions or advice is also very welcome-I'm very new to this and always looking to improve. Lots of love xx

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