You Without Me?
You Without Me? sad stories

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What are you without me really? I'll tell you exactly...

You Without Me?

That's a hella of a headache that you're nursing

Now that the bottle is empty you can stop cursing

I'm loud and angry and I can feel your mood worsening

Yesterday was a new low and I've just began the torturing

Take a seat across I feel like we need a long talk

And really discuss this new life and who's at fault

I think we got off on the wrong foot Shawn

Now that life has changed I can see a new dawn

And I'm back in control so you're just my pawn

You're attempts to fight me again simply make me yawn

Everything I tell you can't be wrong

After all, I've known you for oh so long

I've watched you grow from a child, to a teen, to a young man

You locked me in a cage for five years, took the keys and ran

But you returned back to me once you were alone

Because without me how could you ever really say you're home?

Raeshawn with depression isn't even really a person

Because is there really a Raeshawn when you're not hurting?

Without me where is you personality?

Without me where is your reality?

Where is the mystic and sympathy?

I'm the music to your life, I'm the soundtrack, the symphony!

I'm what makes you different and makes you unique

I'm the one that makes anyone want to take a peak!

I drive you to write

Make you love the nights

Make friends say it's gonna be alright

Gives you that narrow vision of sight?

Think you'll live without me?

You should do stand up because that's pretty funny!

The style of clothes you where? That's my design

"I wear a hood to hide my face" That's my line!

That dark sense of humor is my creation

Anything you think is original from you has no relation

And all of this "I'm my own man" stuff is testing my patience

Time is ticking on your control is making your heart racing!

Whoa...things are getting a little tense

But it's your stubborn attitude keeping us in suspense

You keep trying to bring my body to slaughter

Trying to silence me by keeping my head below water

But when I rise from below you see your worst fears

You see me with apart of your face looking at you with a sneer

And I rip another part away from you and add it to me

That's when the truth sets in tragically

You've lost yourself to me but I love you so it's okay

I'll steal a little bit from you every minute of everyday

Maybe you'll fall in love again but I'll drive her away

Because you're too weak to every run free

You always come running back like a battered wife

When was the last time you could ever say you owned your life?

Let me syphon that fear you hold in your heart

You're much too weak and wounded to rip us apart

I'm taking it all in time Shawn!

You shot the first shot, don't blame me now that the war is on!

I'm taking your love of cartoons and games

I'm taking your identity and all your cute nicknames

Let me consume your stupid grin and hallow laugh

Give up that will of yours, maybe I'll leave you half

I'm taking it all...except that one thing

I've taken the chance at kids, a house, and a ring

You always fought me so hard on this but I'm finally winning

Except this time it's you to the wall that I'm pinning

Breaking you down was to easy, I just needed to know where to start

Last things last Shawn, I'm coming for your heart!

I love you Raeshawn- Depression

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