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The monster in your head returns

By: LazyEye513

by LazyEye513

Hey Shawn, you in there?

Don't try to hit me with that glare

Don't make that face, it ain't fair

You know that we've always been a pair

Did ya really think you got me out your hair?

You've always known I'm not going anywhere

I can feel your weak will breaking

Look at your face, I feel that heart aching

On the couch I feel your body laying

That sweet suffering is never fading

This cat and mouse game we never stop playing

In the waters of hate I feel you wading

The coast is clear? I guess she's gone!

Time to turn button for anxiety on!

Thought it was forever, guess you were wrong

No kids, no house, no fence, no lawn

Looks like you're in search for a bond

Wait just a few seconds, let me get my magic wand!

It's me! I'm the love of your life with no name!

I'm the one who stands by you with no shame!

I'm the one who you try to blame for all your pain

But...we already know that game

Ever since childhood, nothings been the same

Since the incident in the bathroom that left you changed

A trusted person who stole your innocence

I always knew feeling betrayal was imminent

I rose through you emotions, of spite and wickedness

And got a little stronger with each incident

Cause I'm always watching you, call me vigilant

And my pull on your emotions is purely limitless!

We were meant to be together, so don't try to run!

You kept me locked in a cage, it's time for some fun!

Don't try to lie to me now, you know I'm not dumb

We're walking the same path, don't wander, just come

Don't try to resist me, you know that I've won

There's nothing but rain, I've blocked out the sun

You think you can live without me? Don't make me laugh!

You've been floating too high, My words will cut you in half

Looking at you, you're not very cute

And your personality really needs work to boot

So ugly and boring, that's quite a duo

Where this goes next, only you know

That girl left you scared, she killed your self worth

The one single person you loved most on this earth

You were meant to be alone, I watch you with mirth

Cursed as an adult, and cursed even at birth

What's that I hear? Do I hear you crying?

That feeling of agony, I know there's no denying

You fail and you fail, I know you're tired of trying

And that hole in your soul, I know you feel like dying

That noose to your ceiling, I know you've been tying

That smile you show everyone, I know you been lying!

So many faces in your life and they're all gone!

Jessica, Matt, Danielle, Devaughn

Why can't you just see it? I've always been the answer

Sucking away your body's energy, killing you like cancer

We're reunited once again, come closer please

Your loyal love is here to answer your every need

Kiss me like you did her, I was always the jealous type

Watching you happy with her made my anger ripe

But you weren't good enough for her, so I've come back again

And this time, I've come back to win

I'll end your suffering, jump in front of that car!

Get out of the house, waste yourself at a bar!

Go home and sit on the couch and chill

While you're at it, grab yourself a bunch of pills

Mix it with alcohol, ya know, the good stuff

We both know giving up can be kinda tough

What do we have waiting for us in this world? End it now!

Death by suicide, we're not too proud




You still got some fight, always liked that about you

Today was a failure, but tomorrow we start anew

Cause I'm here to stay this time, you and me together

Until the day you die, you and me are forever

Try to close your eyes, there will be no restin'

Seal tonight with a kiss, love, depression

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