Cut By: Anna Dowden
By: Anna Dowden
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Cut By: Anna Dowden

It’s been a long time

Well over a year at this point

Since I felt the painful kiss of a blade

It is times like these that I miss it

I miss the first cut I would make

Watching the crimson blood flow

After that first cut, It is as if I go on auto pilot

I don't cut deep enough to cause any serious harm

But I cut enough to feel alive again

I look down and watch the warm blood flow

It isn't until then

That I realize what I have done

I begin to regret what I see

The blood continues to flow

I sit and debate on if I should stop the bleeding or simply let it flow

On the good days, I stop the bleeding

On the bad, the blade calls my name like a prayer

The blood is now dripping

My leg looks like the dew on a leaf in the early hours of the morning

Those red raindrops begin to fall to the floor

Snapping back to reality to look at what has happened

I see the damage I have once again caused

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