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\ You Know Me Well

We traded secrets, through whispers and twinkling eyes. We communicated. It's like I need to pay the price just to get to know you.

"Tell me a secret," I would say. And with my eyes wide open, I was ready. Ready to lose myself with your voice and for what you will say next.

But I realized, that I am not ready for what I will find.

Our secrets were supposed to stay hidden, between our fists and closing lips. As they are silent and still, sitting in the corner of our hearts.

It spread like wildfire. The whispers in the hallway remind me of the mistake I've done. Then from secrets, rumors evolve and arise.

I've come to learn that I cannot escape this. I cannot pretend that I can get away with this, I cannot look at a wall and pretend that it's a mirror.

Some secrets are best kept hidden, the kind that's going to blow up everything. Even though they always come out.

You looked at me, with guilt seen across your face. For some reason, I forgave you, for letting it slip.

Because at the end of the day, you are the only person, who truly, knows me well

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