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hello! i didn't really kept my promise did i? hahaha i didn't post anything for a year because life got in the way. i did a lot of growing up during the time i was away and i'm doing well despite what's happening in our world right now. hope you guys are doing well too, stay safe!

the little things

by laxamanaysa

isn't it kind of strange how we always remember those small insignificant things yet they're the ones that leave imprints in your heart?

the times we spent together the feelings we silently conveyed in those moments

the rhythm of our footsteps as we walk on our usual way home

the moon we gaze at every night as the whole world sleeps around us

the occasional breeze after a rainy day the glistening snow blanketing the streets

you were like stardust you remind me of something i cannot quite grasp

everyday it was filled with infinite possibilities and realities we didn't care about anything at all

just happy in each other's company thinking it'll last long

now you're gone but i still can't help but glance back once more behind me to see if you're still there

i always feel like i'm searching for something or someone

i miss the miracles we created

you tainted my life with a 24 colored palette drenching me with your light when i was getting comfortable against the darkness

i look back and move forward because that's the only thing i could do i make other plans i do my best

you made me appreciate the little things you made me treasure those precious fleeting moments

where my heart flutters and my eyes sparkle with delight like they did with you

and i'll forever be grateful so thank you and goodbye

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