The Broken Clock
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laxamanaysaWriting is my escape from the real world
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Time always gives before it takes. Remember that.

The Broken Clock

by laxamanaysa

Time passes, no matter what we do.

I once read that time takes care of everything.

I believed it. I still do, but the wounds still remain.

It hurts that you're gone.

That I will never see you again. I guess time cannot cover my wounds.

Its become a habit of mine to watch the clock everyday before breakfasts. It's like I expect to get him back.

One day, the clock stopped ticking.

It was broken. It's always so easy to know when something is broken, but with people...we can't even tell.

It's hard to be the one who was left behind.

It's hard to let go and be okay.

But as they say, time will take care of everything.


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