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Wrote this on August and decided to post this here. I have mixed feelings about this and please give me your opinions about this poem!

Take Me

by laxamanaysa

Hello, our first word The word that started it all

To me you were my world Even though we only saw each other at the mall

Take me, to Neverland That deep blue sea and clear sand

The sky our only limit Your life you need to live it

Take me, to Wonderland Where everything is out of hand

That Chesire smile, that lights up my day In the early days of May

Sometimes, life is hard, I thought we would never go far

But you made it the opposite Our love has no limits

Good-bye is not forever, our farewell

As you said that, it made my heart swell Our memories, the laughter It was true, good-bye is not forever

Dedicated to my friends Juliana and Bianca,

Who finds happiness in the simplest of things. I am still amazed how weird we can get.

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