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Math. I hope you like it comment what you think!


by laxamanaysa

Whenever my friends hear this word,

they groan and would do anything to escape this subject.

I always liked Math so I never had a problem.

I was even starting to think that my friends have Arithmophobia or something.

Arithmophobia is the irrational fear of numbers.

I never believed it at first. Since my friends are not really afraid of it.

I think Math is not just about solving a difficult problem.

My teacher always said that we should look at Math at a different way. Math is training gym for thinking. I always remember that.

Life is like a Math equation.

Because Math is not all about equations, numbers and computations. It's about understanding.

"Pure mathematics, is, in its way, the poetry of logical

ideas" - Albert Einstein

Because every time you solve a problem it gives you hope.

It may not teach us how to ADD love or SUBTRACT hate,

but it gives us HOPE that every problem has a solution.

And as I solve every single Math problem,

it gives me hope...

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