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laxamanaysaalways in wonderland
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This poem was written for my best friend for her birthday and she's not much of a reader but she told me she loved it so I decided to post this on Commaful.

Find You There

by laxamanaysa

I'm all alone

I don't know what's keeping you from moving on So many people knocking on my door Learning how to love myself and more

Unexpected and oddly fitted

To the memories we collected To the laughs we cherished forever Not caring what people will say whatsoever

As we walk around, spinning, out of control

Everyone, not seeing your beautiful soul Learning how to let go, as the best thing you've done As you watch, hear and feel that they are finally gone

Walking by the sea, I see you smile

Something I will remember for a while Since forever, fell apart, I will cherish and keep your fragile heart

Connecting the dots on where we would meet

As the words you spoke lifting me off my feet I knew there was a spark As you made your mark, little did I know it was just the start

The sound of your voice, too far away

As you watch our memories replay Keeping the box underneath your bed Never wanting to play pretend

I'll find you there, in the stars above

Because I knew it was real, it was love I will wait,

Because I know, I will find you there.

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