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Dear Future Me. Just want something fun to look back at. I hope you like it! Comment what you think!

Dear Future Me,

by laxamanaysa

Today is June 18, 2016.

The first week of 6th grade is done. It was so amazing. I got to meet my friends again and yesterday, we just celebrated my friend's birthday.

I still remember my 2nd day at school perfectly in my head.

It was in English class and our professor asked us what is our first impression of her. Nobody raised their hand. I didn't know what I was doing back then, I just raised my hand.

I was not scared, nervous or shy that day. I was different.

Because everyone knew me as the shy girl next door. So all of them looked at me, all 45 of my classmates looked at me. I didn't think about that incident and just moved on.

Then it was recess, that was the time I got to meet them all

But it wasn't anything I expected. All of us broke off. We hang out with different people and basically just ignored each other. But I don't want it to be that way.

I started to hang out with them.

Making them all get along with each other. Because I know that they know we aren't just a class. When one is affected, all of us are.

It's our last year.

I don't want it to go to waste. We are still together since kindergarten. Everything went well after that. And whenever I go to school, I hug all my friends.

Because I want to keep all those memories.

People say I ALWAYS see the good in everyone. And that's what I did. Then that's when I realized a very important thing.

We need to be brave and real. It's okay not to be perfect.

Because most of us strive hard to achieve perfection. But we need to be brave and accept ourselves. Don't be afraid to begin another chapter of your amazing life.

Explore and learn,

because we are never running out of firsts. Because at my friend's party, we just became real. Singing songs, acting like silly little children wanting to go to the playground.

Playing charades, doing videos. Taking selfies.

It was one of those moments that you don't want to end. Here's a picture of me and some of my friends. We are never embarrassed. Me on the right side lol.

Some of us may go next year. But I just want to live in the

moment. Cherish them before they go away. Again, another picture. So be brave, and real, it's okay not to be perfect.

I hope you will continue to be brave and real.

And to all those other people out there, be brave. Because there is only one version of you in this world.

Love, Ysabelle

Thank you for everything... :)

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