Catch Me
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Hi everyone! Dedicated to my best friend for 7 years and I think she would understand this post. So I hope you guys like my post and comment want you think!

Catch Me

by laxamanaysa

It's funny how we have our own understanding about love.

Even my friends have their own understanding.

She doesn't know what to do.

But at that very moment, everything clicks. She was falling...

Horrible isn't it?

It makes you feel vulnerable. It opens up your heart and when someone get inside it and mess you up. That's why you build all these defenses so nothing can hurt you.

You don't hate him, you just strongly dislike him.

Because whenever he smiles or laughs it messes you up. You just wish you could pour a smoothie on his head for everything he's done to you . You look like an idiot whenever he's around.

She once read that love is like a waterfall.

It flows down and free.

Because anyone can catch your eye,

but it takes someone to catch your heart. That's what he did. She can't go along pretending anymore.

And whenever he walked in to class,

she would whisper...

'Catch me, I'm falling for you.'

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