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laxamanaysa be spontaneous
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I made this poem a few months ago, when I have nothing to do. This is similar to my other post Blame. I don't know what I feel about this poem/post, so I'll just let you guys decide.


by laxamanaysa

I stared longingly at the window Wanting to be free

The blinding light casting my shadow Everything I will say you would never agree

I’ll take the blame And give you a smile

Maybe this is just a simple game And maybe I’ll just stay for a while

I’ll take the blame for my own pain

Not trying to spread violent lies To all the people I despise For you are the only one that kept me sane

It was over, my life’s a mess

My life was like a game of chess I was the queen, you were the king And we both lost in the end.

I was broken beyond repair, But nothing in life was fair

It was my fault and that’s okay Because now, I will finally take the blame

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