Blocking Out Everything
Blocking Out Everything quiet stories

laxamanaysa be spontaneous
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I'm back!!!!! I'm sorry for not updating anymore, since school is really stressing me out. I hope you like it! Comment what you think! The feeling when you just want to be alone for once?

Blocking Out Everything

by laxamanaysa

You just want some alone time.

You just want to block out all the noise around you.

You can't handle everything anymore...

You don't even know yourself anymore.

You are just trying to figure yourself out.

So please be patient with me.

Because sometimes, we need that quiet time to reflect on everything that is happening around us.

I'm not sad, I'm just feeling really empty.

We all have a lot to say,

We are just being careful about who we open up to.

You were just not ready yet...

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