Blame stories

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The feeling when you think when you're the one to blame. This post means a lot to me, because I think we've all experienced this, even me...
It's nice to post something again on Commaful, since I never really had the time. So I hope you enjoy and can relate to this post!


by laxamanaysa

Is there something I'm not seeing?

Cause I've been hearing different stories, but I don't know what to believe....

Give me a reason...

To know why you left.

Did I do something? Please tell me...

Because I'm not healing and learning from the pain you caused.

Why did you change?

What did I do?

What happened to our story? Do we even have hope?

You threw it away...

Holding to the memories of you and me.

I want to be your everything and more, but that didn't happen.

Maybe we're just a memory, a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Just a box of souvenirs.

And maybe I'm the one to blame.

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