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laxamanaysa be spontaneous
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Just a short post about eyes! I hope you will all like it and comment what you think!

Beautiful Eyes

by laxamanaysa

Eyes that make me melt,

Those eyes that captured my heart the very first moment I stared at it.

Eyes that pulled me in,

and the eyes that are my weakness. That makes me fall over and over again.

The sweetest and gentle eyes I have ever seen,

as it welcomes me. And made me escape from reality.

I always like to see them open,

for your eyes are as mysterious as the universe itself.

Your eyes are constellations,

for they are always bright in the night sky.

Your eyes have their own vocabulary,

they held so much meaning, and secrets which is what I would love to know.

Because at some point,

No matter what I do, I always end up staring at your beautiful eyes.

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