"protectors" control stories

lavender_willow the tides of my mind are not gentle
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we're supposed to have control, a way to rule our lives


we're supposed to have control

a way to rule our lives

our bodies should belong to us

but we don't wield these knives

we are nothing more than children

young hearts in trusted hands

all smiles and gleeful giggles

white shells on soft pink sands

these people, we can trust them

they told us so themselves

so why do we start to feel unsteady

like porcelain on crooked shelves

we tell our protectors we want to leave

when they decline we ask them why

and little can compare to the horror

of learning their promises were a lie

one on one we're hidden away

where no one would suspect

we are forced to let them hurt us

as tears pour from neglect

but those so called protectors don't care

the only thing on their minds

is taking the light from our wide eyes

and ensuring that no one finds.

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