give me a reason
give me a reason rape stories

lavender_willow the tides of my mind are not gentle
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please tell me why

give me a reason

though I plead for you to go away

in my fragile mind you stay

you tear my self-made stitching apart

you leave me with a shattered heart

it is clear you know nothing of love

from the memories that push and shove

but please, before I say goodbye

can you just give me a reason why?

what excuse can you provide me

for raping me at the age of three?

for taking me into that empty shed

for all the horrid things you said

for telling me it was all a game

for leaving me with guilt and shame

for betraying your little cousin's trust

for using me to satisfy your lust

for keeping me there when I wanted to leave

for being the reason I have to grieve

so I ask you again at last

what is your reasoning, demon of the past?

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