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The place that does not exist and is all too real Lurking behind the eyes of many Void of emotion

The people there are faceless Unknowing and uncaring They have their own problems to worry about They have nothing to worry about

All that matters means nothing The bonds of family and friendship seemingly vanished Money holds no worth Beauty amounts to filth

They pursue entities not for gain But in stead of that which was lost A deprived shadow of the passion once held Locked away as the toll for entry

Those who visit lose incentive to leave Those that live there lose themselves

This place will be hard to find, for it is nowhere Yet once you find it, it will be everywhere It’s endless doors imploring to be opened, craving your entry

You will be tempted to step inside, for there lives no grief and no sorrow No hurt and no pain No hatred and no rage No envy and no discontent

But also survives no cheerfulness and no hope No inspiration and no satisfaction No love and no affection No enjoyment and no serenity

In a place so devoid of emotion The only feeling available is that of immeasurable loneliness

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