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lauza27 Just an ace of hearts in a sea of spades
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This was written a long time ago, back when I was in high school. But it's still something I often think about.


by Lauza27

White coated the surrounding leaves and ground

As snow softly fell from the white clouds above.

White was the colour of my face

As I told her something I'd been dreading for months.

I felt white

The innocence of my accidental crime protruding in the silence around us.

I felt like a clean slate

That I had nothing left to hide or say but in truth I had words that weighed the weight of the world to express.

But I felt like I had nothing left to say

I was empty. Everything was coming up blank.

There were bits of white stuck to her clothing and hair

As if someone had sprinkled breadcrumbs over her.

The white brought out her features

As they shaped to make the bittersweet expression of an apology.

As the snow drifted down around us

All I felt was white.

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