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Twenty-five years after the downfall of the First Order, Ben and Rey reflect on their lives and have some company.



Twenty-five years to the day.

Twenty-five years since Snoke’s death and the downfall of the First Order.

Twenty-three years since Ben and I decided to build this academy for Gray Force Users.

Twenty-one years since we married.

Nineteen years since Leia was born.


Had you told me on Jakku that this is where I would end up, I would have thought that the heat went to your head.

Yet here I am.

I have a loving husband, a beautiful, healthy daughter, an ideal happy ending.

“You need to loosen your wrists, Angile. If you’re too stiff, then you’re too slow.” Leia corrects her Bothan student. “Your footwork is fine, you’re just too nervous.

The Force will guide you, you won’t harm yourself.”

“Thank you, Leia.” Angile tries the swing that Leia’s teaching them again.

“Much better.” Leia moves student to student, correcting their forms and giving them hints as to how to improve.

“How’s she doing?” Ben walks up behind me.

“She’s fine like she always is.”

“Has Fredbre given her any trouble?”

“She hasn’t gotten to him yet.” He likes to stay in the back so that he can goof off and do stupid things.

“It’s a real shame, that boy. He has a lot of promise if he would just take it seriously.” Ben wraps his arms around me from behind and rests his chin on the top of my head.

No matter how long I have been married to him, his extreme height still bothers me. “What is she teaching them?”

“They all watched you two spar and wanted to learn as they put it ‘that spinny thing’ that you two do.”

“We all three do that.”

“Well I wasn’t sparring, so they don’t know that.” I remind him.

“Look at them go.” Anakin pops into visibility next to me. “She’s doing well.”

“She knows what she’s doing. We trained her well.” Ben doesn’t move from behind me as more Force ghosts appear around us.

“She’s so grown up.” Leia muses, looking fondly at her granddaughter.

“That one in the front right row needs to widen his stance.” Anakin observes.

“Leia!” Ben calls. Our daughter looks up to see all the ghosts surrounding us.

“You all continue practicing; I will be up there, watching.” She starts running towards the building to join us.

“You’ve done well.” Luke observes. “I am thoroughly impressed.”

“Did you doubt us?” Ben asks.


“Hey!” Leia runs onto the balcony behind us.

“Hello, Leia.” They all greet her. Leia slips in between me and Anakin and watches over her class.

“Look at all this.” Luke smiles at the gray-clad students. “You have finally done what none of us ever could.”

“For generations failed the Skywalkers have to bring balance to the Force.” Yoda states from his perch. “Failed, they did each time.”

“Until now.” Obi-Wan smiles.

“At long, long last, there is balance in the Force.” Anakin states, looking into the sunset.

At last the Skywalkers have achieved the goal set for Anakin all those years ago which passed down to Luke then to Ben.

It took longer than expected, but the Skywalkers have finally fulfilled their duty, and there will always be a Skywalker watching over the Galaxy.

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