Writer's Block....Lets Talk
    Writer's Block....Lets Talk  writer's block stories

laurenloggins Community member
Autoplay OFF   •   4 months ago
A poem about the treachery of writer's block!!!

Writer's Block....Lets Talk

It would feel so good to write a poem or maybe a short story

Something where I can purge my thoughts and emotions

But I can't even force myself to go through the motion

My creative energies are spent, depleted

Old ideas discarded, deleted

No more words flow from my fingertips

Nothing profound emerges from my zipped up lips

I'm in a drought, no end in sight

I'm in a jail, no more strength to fight

Staring at a wall, blank as a doll

Going through creative withdrawal

I hate having this treachery happen to me

When all I want is to be able to express, to be free

Maybe in my pain I will eventually have something manifest

A stupid little poem with an uneven rhyming scheme is apparently my best

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