The Snake Is In America
The Snake Is In America covid 19 stories

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Covid 19 is here

The Snake Is In America

The Snake Is In America

The venomous snake

slipped past our dusty defenses

While we sit vulnerable, exposed to the elements we invoked

Targeted for our lack of readiness

There is no one to call.

There is no one to rescue us.

We had heard the warning calls with cotton in our ears

Too busy to be bothered

A problem in China is not our problem

A problem in Italy is not our problem

But now struck, bitten by it's fangs we cry out for help, and no help arrives

When you believe doctors are useless and scientists are charlatans

You have no one left to believe but the echo chamber you live in

No one left to trust but yourself, and truth be told no one trusts themselves.

We are free falling, poisoned, isolated, alone

The snake is spreading

And there is no antidote

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