The Greater Sin
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laurenloggins Community member
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A poem about being judged for your weight <3

The Greater Sin

Your eyes cut me, size me up, instant judgement

You assume you know things about me I don't even know

Like my cholesterol levels

and my current blood pressure

And then things I do know,

Like what I eat, how often I exercise

You think in a glance you know why


I am labeled without my consent

No one would know by a mere glance that

I have a brain tumor, that I'm on steroids

that I have gained so much weight since treatment began

and yes, I'm uncomfortable, and yes, I'm unhappy

But my worth is not what you consider it to be

I am more than a sick body

I am more than what is killing me

And so are you, all of you

No one knows our story until we tell it

Until then

Silence your judgment

Exempt me from your cruel identifications

I am fat, true

But you're something far worse

By labeling me you reveal yourself

Not what's behind your clothes but what's under your bones

Your soul is dark, dim

What, I ask, is the greater sin?

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