The Divided States of America
The Divided States of America  blm stories

laurenloggins Community member
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A poem about the current state of division in this country. #blacklivesmatter #covid-19

The Divided States of America

I cough, then cry in ashes

A leader who is mocked by the worldwide masses

all boast and no action

Divided nation broken into splintered factions

I wish this would all at reach it's end

But mutual hate arises the possibility of new friends

all marching together,

Protesting with masks strapped to their faces in cloud clogged weather

It's dull and bleak

But I will not be silent and weak

I will stand for those forced to kneel

Even if I risk my health with God I will deal

July hasn't squashed the illness but has instead fanned the flames

If I die, I know they will forget my name

Because we have forgotten so many of the same

So I will walk while I still am able

And, exhausted, I will shut off the cable

And squash furious feuds at the kitchen table.

Cough into tissues

Weep about the issues

Hands so dry they bleed

Until we become the new America, the one we all need

Saved from it's self righteous cycle of greed

A nation transitioned from divided to united

When old wrongs are finally, truly righted.

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