Solace in Solitary
           Solace in Solitary mental hospital stories

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A poem about my experience in solitary confinement at a mental hospital.

Solace in Solitary

It's still here, silent, my pounding headache slightly less painful

The door shut, with just a bit of light sliding through the window

A bare, deflated mattress on the floor as my only companion


I don't know what I expected, but it's not as bad as I had thought

I feel finally able to hear my own thoughts

free from the chatter in the common areas

The same questions over and over

"Is it med time? Is it smoke break time? Is it dinner time?"

People bicker because there's nothing to do

Everyone wrapped up in their disasterous mental health

yet still forced to interact with others

Make bracelets out of beads

Sing songs off key

Watch whatever the person who hoards the remote puts on

Complain to techs

Complain to nurses

"When is my doctor coming to see me? He hasn't seen me yet today?"

The same questions, the same answers, the same strained grip on the concept of time

the day drags on and on and on

bleeds and blurs together, like a watercolor painting

Have I been in here a week, yet?

You may be curious, what did I do to earn solitary?

Well, I had an adult tantrum.

I slammed the door, sobbing, because the dark man keeps haunting me

They said I just need to calm down

Take this

Go here

Now I feel like I'm floating

Finally safe.

I sit on the mattress, and I don't cry

I do feel calmer here.

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