Shadow People
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a tale of shadow people, a common hallucination

Shadow People

They Come at Dusk

Once upon a time dusk was my favorite time of day

A lazy stroll on the night's stairway,

The time to walk and watch the sun take a dive

But now it's when THEY arrive

Using the last remaining light to dance and mock

To scare and taunt

You can't run from them, and there's no where to hide

Shutting your eyes, yes, the sight died

But you'll still hear them whispering in your ear

For the shadow people are near

And what's to fear you may wonder

But to ignore them would be a blunder

Made of soot and ash

They sunder when you go to smash

Rapidly multiplying in number

What is this curse I encumber?

No one else can see them, hear them, or feel their touch

So my rosary I clutch

And I say a prayer,

To keep at bay the sense of overwhelming despair.

The shadow people are here.

And they will leave, and then the following evening they will come back

Never at peace when I'm waiting for the next attack

I don't wish this on my most hated foe

But they all tell me "just relax, let it go

Take your meds, take a walk,

Make your bed, I'm here if you need to talk"

But when I do they shut it down

No one wants to be around

So by myself I'll wage this war

Until the shadow people are no more.

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