Magic in Eaton
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A tale of a town that had outlawed all magic, confronted with a prophetic child! Will they listen, or face destruction?

Magic in Eaton

The town of Eaton cast a spell that no magic could touch

Oh you see a dragon overhead, hush child hush

Such fantastical things were forbidden, outlawed

No miracles here, no acts of God

Everything science backed and strictly fact

Anything else considered an attack

On the lack of magic they had created

Everything mystical considered outdated

And then, a child was born, her name was May

The midwife died, no real cause they say

May had solid white eyes, blind at birth

But navigating through life she found a sense of worth

For she could tell the future no one else could see

And the things she told always came to be

But the townspeople ignored her words of warning

Even if it meant they'd be mourning

Frustrated, she said one final piece, a dragon is not just flying by,

But intends to burn this town as their battle cry

Please, we must leave this place

But the townspeople ignored her still, dismissed her case

"Dragons don't exist, you silly child"

"No magic things are real, your imagination is wild!"

But sure enough, the dragon did come,

And as it blew fire they didn't even run

Everyone died, Eaton was disseminated

Everything that he had worked for, everything they created

The lesson goes, even in the face of fact, we would rather turn a blind eye

Deny all the magic we see, even if it means we die.

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