An Ode to Suburbia
An Ode to Suburbia  neighbor stories

laurenloggins Community member
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A poem about neighbors, paranoia, and being an anti-social turtle

An Ode to Suburbia

Thou shalt love thy neighbor

Thou shalt!

It's a commandment! But with paint stained fingers I peek through closed blinds

And I stare, fear struck as they walk to their car

I spy, I frown, I hate that they exist near me

only separated by weak walls and a patch of grass

Thou shalt love thy neighbor

But I refuse to answer the door and when they say hi

I scowl and wave, absently,

Shutting down any possible conversation,

Scurrying back inside as though monsters are nipping at my ankles

Thou shalt love thy neighbor

But I'm afraid of them

Of the unknown, who the hell are they, even, maybe foul tempered charlatans,

maybe serial murderers,

Maybe the worst types of people

living, breathing right next to me

I try not to, but I do, I hate them, I resent them, I wish they would vacate

And leave me forever in an island of existence

as far away from people as is possible in a neighborhood full of fucking people.

Thou shalt love thy neighbor

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