i love you. don’t listen to them darling. i love you.
i love you. 

don’t listen to them darling. 

i love you. 

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laurenk kindness changes everything
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i love you. all of you, every single person. these are all the reasons i love you, the reasons why you shouldn’t let go. read it, just once. please.

i love you.

i love you. don’t listen to them darling. i love you.

i love you more than the sun loves the moon, even though they only meet for a fleeting moment each day. i love you how the tide always comes back to the sand, even after being pushed away.

i love you like your plant loves the light through your windows. i will continue to love you after my legs grow weak and my heart grows tired, but never cold.

my heart will age and weaken with time, but will never grow cold. the love i have for you burns brighter than the stars which light up the endless sky and reaches farther than the gates of heaven.

my love for you is as boundless as the universe and deeper than the sea. my love for you is gentler than a kitten but as fierce and brave as the lion it will someday grow to be.

you are as beautiful as the snowy trees upon the mountains and as dazzling as the reflection of the sky against the lake. your voice holds the smoothness of a thousand carefully spun spider webs and your eyes hold the migration of a million monarch butterflies.

you make the gods proud to have walked among you in all your grace. and i don’t just love your beauty, but i love your mind. i love your heart and your soul and your kindness.

you are compassionate and passionate and you love to speak your mind. you are selfless and unique and wonderful and every time i look at you i fall a little bit more in love with you.

i love you, and i admire you. i will stand with you when you need support, behind you when you need to be strong, and in front of you when you fall. being strong doesn’t mean you never fall. it means you can fall and fall and scrape your knees until they scar and still rise above them all.

and darling, you are so strong. you take each challenge no matter how small and fragile you feel and you hold it in your hands with grace and bravery. you fight for what you believe in, which doesn’t always prove to be right, but that’s okay.

you don’t have to be right to be passionate. you don’t have to be right to care. i love you because you are brave. i love you because when the world is falling to pieces you catch every single shard in your hands.

you catch them and put them gently aside, and you stay up all night to put it back together again. no matter how bloody and bruised your hands are, you still manage to hold each piece with tender loving care.

i love you because you are strong. you are so goddamn strong and you don’t realize how much people rely on your strength and your wisdom and your steadiness. you light up a room in a power outage and make people forget what the darkness even is.

i love you because even if you are reading this and you are in pain or broken or tired or ready to give it up, you’re still here. you are still here sitting and reading my words. reading my reasons for loving you.

so darling, don’t listen to them. don’t listen to the put downers and the liars and the stealers. you are worth so much more than they could ever even dream of giving you. so listen to me, listen to my words. i love you, okay?

I love you. if anything, remember that. remember that when you feel like you’re drowning and unable to take that next step towards the light.

remember all the reasons why i love you, and i promise that you will find the light switch in that dark room, the drain in the cold water over your head, and the love i have for you in my heart.

i love you darling. more than you will ever know. please don’t forget that. i will always be here. always. i love you. don’t let go.

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