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a bro reflects on storycraft

cool story bro

this is a bro he wanted to write a story but he had to do it quickly

because as you know each second a bro spends away from the gym decreases his swole-osity and eventually he loses the bmi necessary to be technically considered a bro and this is a major part of his identity we wouldn't want to take that away from him now would we?

so what is a bro to do if he wants to be a swole-ass bro with a soft storywriting side?

how can he express the deepest longings of his sinewy muscular soul without losing the thing that makes him, him?

note that we haven't given him a name. he is Bro. he is all Bros. He is every bro you have ever passed in the street and said 'damn that dude probably calls people 'bro' unironically'.

After all we all contain multitudes. underneath the muscle lies a beating heart

but he's on a time crunch because, like i said, he both wants to write a cool story but he wants to l i f t and frankly who cam blame him.

he's not writing a six volume fantasy epic; he's got reps to do. what does a bro this busy write?

a bit of flash fiction, thats what.

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