Break Free
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laughtillyoupee instagram: penpaperandpain #WeMadeIt
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(Society break free from your judgmental minds start Respecting people and their choices stop saying what they can do and what they can't it's our life If we what to wear short clothes we will, if we don't want to become a doctor or engineer we won't, if we are fat then it's not your problem, no one have given you rights to tell someone they are no good enough) okay the rant is over SORRY!

Break Free

Want to break free from the prison of anxiety and depression

From the insecurities which made me reckless deep inside whenever I see myself

Want to be free like a bird in a sky full of freedom

With no fear of being judged by the world for breaking their rules

Why trap our innocent souls with chains of illogical judgements?

These voices in my head distressing my heart  keeping me awake all night


Because world told me I'm not good enough to fit in well here.

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