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i'm sorry, that i can't help you.


i'm sorry,

that i can't help you.

that i don't know what to say

or do to make you feel better.

that my words can't comfort you,

that my embrace won't warm the cold,

your hands are bruised and blue.

and i can't fix that.

and i'm sorry, i'm sorry, so sorry, that i choke whenever i try.

that my skin is frail and dry.

i'm sorry that i'm not that perfect person you need to survive.

that i am not strong and i can't pull you up,

that you drown in this ocean of anxiety and fear and all i can do is watch.

and i'm sorry that when i speak that i stutter and the words come out tangled within each other.

that my words will never be enough.

that because of my stubborn head, i won't be able to love.

and i'm sorry, so sorry, so very sorry.

i'm so sorry, i'm so sorry.

and i've tried and tried and tried,

because we're both sick and tired.

of life and living the taking and giving.

and i just want to help.

i just want to help.

i just want to help--and i wish i knew what i should do,

to make all that pain go away,

i wish i knew how to comfort you,

kiss those tears away.

but i don't.

so i'm sorry.

because that's all i could ever be.


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