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im depressed today.

inspired by dodie's video; "i'm depressed today."

i'm depressed today

by latejune

i'm depressed today,

i can't feel my fingers,

my heart drums underneath my shirt like an African drum,

the beat quickens, anxiety thickens,

and i'm lying on my bed again, with my eyes shut.

my fingers curled around the ends of my hair,

as i pull and tear.

onto the last part of my sanity,

that i thought i'd keep.

but if you're in so deep,

that breathing doesn't work any longer, unless you force your chest to rise and fall,

as thoughts laced with poison crawl..

through the cracks in your foundation,

spilling, while breaking, every last piece of who you were and who you were meant to be,

what you wanted to say, but couldn't. gets lost in the thoughts of your failure---

i'm depressed today,

my fingers are numb.

my heart bleeds, i feel weak,

and underneath my skin crawls the anxiety that has brought me to the point of quaking and shaking,

so badly that i can't even hold the glass of water to swallow the pills,

that should numb it all.

so my thoughts can stay away.

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