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latejune in love with @neutralfleur
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sometimes it's all a little too much.

help me,

i can't do it anymore.

it's all just a little too much.

and i can't take it.

it's all just a little too much, too heavy, to carry all by myself.

help me,

i don't want to feel any longer.

the pain, the pain, make it go away.

let me be swallowed by the darkness.

let me disappear, i can't any longer.

i try, i try and try.

but they all want me to be happier, to smile more. do they even know how hard it is to live?

help me,

i don't know if i want to live.

in a world, filled with pain,

i just want to sleep.

let me go.

stop these voices, numb the pain,

heal my scars, let me fade away.

n u m b the p a i n, let me f a d e a w a y.

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