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the war's never over.

half way through hell,

written by ; Lotus

We're half way through hell,

We've fought so long. Been so strong. For, oh so long. Right?

The hope is still in us,

Words haven't broken us yet. Bullets haven't killed us. Knives haven't stopped us. Tears have been shed. But hearts are strong, 'cause we're not done yet.

And the fighting will continue,

Even after the war has been 'won'. No one wins a war, we all lose. And I at night we all hear the screaming of our daughters and sons.

The ones who we didn't save.

Couldn't save. Maybe that's what we tell ourselves so we can sleep at night. Or maybe because we don't want to believe the result of this fight.

But there's still hope in our bones,

Telling us it isn't over yet. That not enough blood has been shed. That we haven't done enough. And we can still 'win' tonight.

There's still hope in my bones,

Adrenaline in my blood. Tears on my face. Dirt on my clothes.

Because we're not done yet,

We're only half way through hell.

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