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latejune in love with @neutralfleur
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fight for me and i'll fight for you..

first poem in 2018!
let's hope this year will be better then the previous one!

fight for me

fight me. ignite me.

burn my soul and throw out my ashes. feel the burns on my hands, hold my soul, take this chance.

fight me. swallow me. whole and in bits. drown in my abyss,

of pitiful dreams and broken chances. free me with a kiss.

fight me. take me. to a place where evil doesn't exist.

where we'll dance in the shadows of our ambitions. and where rose petals shall be cherished, in between clenched fists.

save me. hold me. feel the wind cut off my breath.

hope to god that it won't just end at this.

save me. take me. into ignorance and bliss.

take out the fires, that ignite between my fingers and spark the rage that fuels my terror.

save me. praise me.

for being strong enough to get through this. for holding on to the smallest light hidden in this nothingness.

save me. free me. feel me. steal me.

please take my heart away, or whatever is left of it. so that if you do break it,

it won't shatter in my chest. and it won't pierce through my skin again.

fight for me. and i'll fight for us. i'll forget the boy, whom once had my trust.

the boy who broke me apart. i thought beyond repair.

but fight for me. and i'll fight for us. because this time i don't want to lose.

lose again.

lose again to another one of you.

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