Dear Society,
Dear Society,  wrong stories

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my letter to society<br/> (a part two of dear women, ; <a href="" target="_blank"></a> )

Dear Society,

by Lotus

You're horrible,

You're cruel,

You suck,

Forcing everyone to look like a certain image,

Forcing everyone,

to look the same.

To sound the same.

To have no mind of their own.

Because being different is bad.

Expressing yourself is bad.

Trying to be heard is bad.

Not living up to your standards is the only thing we seem to be doing right.

Isn't it?

You're horrible,

You're cruel,

You're heartless,

Brainwashing little girls,

to think that the only good thing is ; Pale skin, Blonde hair, Big lips, Blue eyes, Curves, but skinny.

Everything else is bad.

Brainwashing children,

to think that girls should be with boys and boys with girls, and everything else....

Is wrong.

Everything else...

is bad.

Darker skintone is bad. Different opinion then you, is bad. Liking the opposite gender, is bad.

Fighting for rights, is being ungrateful,

But maybe all these people aren't the problem.

But the problem is,

that all these people have learnt to not have their own opinions anymore. But to listen to other people's sometimes stupid thoughts.

Instead of making an own opinion.

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