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sometimes asking is harder then telling.


ok, idk if people read the description [cause i never do]. but i thought i'd explain for those who read my stuff, i've been having a hard time for a lot of personal reasons and am for those reasons a lot of times absent from commaful (i've been gone for almost a month now), since it's a very limited (but fun) site.

for those who follow me and still read my poems. thank you, it means SO MUCH. i constantly see these really nice comments and it's such a nice feeling, knowing that people actually like and read my stuff.

this is a short poem, because writers block (ew, i know).
um, if anyone is interested, i am still very active on wattpad (@latejune) and on tumblr (@latestaugust) so if you wanna talk or something...i post more on those sites so.

can you

can you hold me tight, for just a moment i was lost. and i don't know how my voice works, and oh how my skull hurts from all the beating it's been getting from my own hands.

i don't know how to ask, i don't know how to plead, i need and need, and need..

'cause storm and mist is all see, so can you hold me close?

even if it's just for a moment, that moment is worth a thousand stars...a thousand hearts.

can you hold my hand, i can't do this on my own, because this trail is long and cold and i no longer know how walking is supposed to work.

can you help, just this once, i don't usually ask..because asking means explaining and explaining means telling..

saying that i've been lying about how i'm really feeling and how my head is really doing.

can you help me, just this once, i don't usually have the courage to walk up and tell you what's wrong, because holding back equals being strong.

can you..just this once..hold me..just a moment..and then i'll no longer be a problem.

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