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something, that reminds me of anxiety

yes, i have returned once again to Commaful. get ready for my depressing mood and anxious thoughts.


knots, knots, knots.

tight. tighter. even tighter.

and i can't seem to be able to breath.

blink away the tears, dear, they won't help today.

nor would they ever.

knots, knots, knots.

a jumble of feelings tying and tightening in my stomach.

cutting off the air, that should flow through my lungs.

tight. tighter. even tighter.

and no matter what i do, the heavy weight doesn't lift.

it drags me down, to the dark abyss, that is my own mind.

a destructive force of energy that shocks through me as i try to breath.

again and again and again, i gasp for air.

pushing myself against the cool wall of the bathroom and i shut my eyes,

the warm tears stream down my cold face and i taste salt.

but shutting my eyes, won't disguise the small cries coming instinctively out of me.

and as i scream and yell, not today, at my own head.

a knock, which breaks the trance i had been in.

i stand up, i wipe them away and there it comes, the plastic smile replacing my feelings. for the rest of the day.

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