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latejune in love with @neutralfleur
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​a thousand souls a thousand little souls watching my hand.

we hit 1k (1114 by now) and i wanted to thank you for that, it's amazing and mindblowing. it's been almost a year since i joined commaful and i never thought i'd achieve something like this, grow and branch out this much. so i wanted to thank everyone for this amazing support, i still can't believe it! <3

1000 souls

​a thousand souls

a thousand little souls watching my hand.

a thousand little souls hearing my plans.

a thousand little souls---

so big, so bright.

a thousand little souls helping me fight.

a thousand little souls, how can i say that.

when these thousand souls are so much bigger then that.

a thousand souls, holding my hand.

as i fight my demons strong shall i stand.

because these thousand souls

behind computer screens.

have done miracles to my insecurities.

a thousand souls helped me through.

and i hope that in some way i will help them too.

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