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lapanda17A sad child with happy dreams.
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Time is not our friend, but it is also not our enemy.
A lot of my work won’t have photos anymore.


The thing you always have until you don’t, that is always giving yet more than anything it takes everything away.

We always say ‘tomorrow’ like it’s guaranteed and talk about yesterday like it’s a long distant memory. Because it is; until it’s not.

The scary part about time is we forget the last second.

What was it like, three seconds ago? Can we ever truly answer that? Can we even think so close behind us? What did we feel last year, let alone yesterday?

It’s overwhelming. We never know what we will gain or lose in the next three seconds versus the next month, or year.

Who will we be in three seconds? Who will I be a year from now, or will I be six feet under in a dark hole with nothing but the seconds ticking along as I turn to dust?

It never stops. It waits for no one, and no thing can imagine being without it’s gifts and it’s limits. It’s heals and deals wounds like rain upon our skin, and we can’t even ask it what’s next.

It is not our friend; not a companion, or even an acquaintance.

It’s nearly an enemy, but we cannot be without it so it is simply a foundation that which builds the homes and coffins of us and our neighbors.

It’s terrifying. Who will we be? Where will we be, in the rifts as it flows only forward? What is next? Will I see the next three seconds, or will these be my last?

Time is not our enemy, but the first mistake we made was asking it for answers.

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