Never Let Go
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Would you let go?

Never Let Go

One thing that I was told “Never let go of this rope! With all your might you hold. In you, we place our hope.”

“My word you hear is gold I am being honest To this rope will I hold To never let go I promise.”

Tight I squeeze my grip and look from side to side. Others begin to slip and down their rope they slide.

Gladly I raise my head feeling proud and tall. My hands now turning red but I refuse to fall.

Many hours pass a few with me remain. My arms now tight like brass from resting do I refrain.

Eventually I see I am all alone. “The winner here is me!” My grip now stiff like stone.

“Hello!? I’m the last! What is my reward?” Loudly I asked yet no reply came forward.

For many hours I hoped for something to occur. “Never let go of this rope.” were the instructions that I heard.

Suddenly there was light that lit the void around. Then I was filled with fright In my fears I began to drown.

As counter weight I’m used as we floated through the sky. My faith did they abuse. “Let go and they all die.”

This thought I entertained but decided to obey. This grip will I maintain for safe arrival I pray.

After safely landing no thoughts or thank you’s given. However, notwithstanding this I have forgiven.

You may wonder why no anger or malice hold. Truth is, I’d rather die than break the promise told.

My word I said is gold. I was being honest To this rope did I hold to never let go I promised.

A quote that’s caused rebirth, in men that I once heard. “What is a man’s worth if he sticks not to his word?”

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