Wake Up
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landenmiller I have a "Talent" I guess.
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Wake Up is a deep depression "song" or poem. I wanted it to be a song, but it's a poem, I guess.

Wake Up

Wake Up

My eyes are opening wide and I feel my head getting light,

I can tell now that it was all a lie,

My heart is flooding with blood,

I can tell now it was all a dud,

My life is on the line and you wouldn't care,

But i'm sure you wouldn't really spare,

I just need to wake up today,

But i'm sure you wouldn't mind tossing me away,


You treat me like a tool,

I knew I was such a fool

Will you just stop the pain?

Can you just stop before I go insane?

I'm breaking down,

I'm walking through town,

The rain is pouring pretty hard,

But i'm pretty sure i'm not very sane,

I might just need to wake up today,

I'm sure you wouldn't mind tossing me away,


It's hard, it's too hard,

I'm way too scarred,

Wake me up, today,

Bet you would just toss me away,

It's getting pretty cold inside,

No, i'm not very bold outside,

You see i'm just a waste of life,

I can feel the cold taste on my knife,

Please, wake me up... today.

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