The Angel That Fell From Heaven
The Angel That Fell From Heaven sad stories

landenmiller I have a "Talent" I guess.
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A story... of how I was became depressed.
This might not be everything, but most of it.

The Angel That Fell From Heaven

Based On A True Story.

I found a girl... her name was Angel, she stumbled into my Hell without a warning, she said Hi a couple then it turned into a lot,

It was daily, the company was nice and she was nice. She never once told me to leave her alone. She seemed to trust me a lot.

It was great and I liked her a lot... we'd exchange the word "Love" to each other and stuff.

I felt... like she was my only home.. I only talked to her now, and her only. I was so excited when she got on, my tail was wagging like crazy.

It was perfect to me... then I... started something called, "Drama" for some reason... I guess I am the Devil, I'd constantly push her away, I tried and tried.

I told her she was too attached to me... she wouldn't stop... but I was probably in the right at that time..

I asked her one day, if she was busy... she said no, but I checked her and saw she was talking to others... she lied to me.. I felt mad... and a bit upset. But after that we were cool.

She still said he loved me.. I still said it.

I decided to join the "Fishing" Clan back... things started going down road fast, I talked to her, then she... she.. Left, she got rid of me, threw me out like trash...

after I confessed my love.. it was the first,

But it was the worst... she didn't tell me anything after I confessed my love to her...

I was broken.. broken.. and felt nothing... I couldn't feel anything for a while.. I wanted to be alone. I wanted to die..

She was going with a guy named, "Crim".... it hurt more than anything I've felt... it was worse than a bullet, sledge hammer, etc...

It was... more pain than I've ever felt... actually.. she loved me? Or didn't she?

She was suppose to be my Angel that fell from Heaven, not his! I was so angry, I forgot everything.. it was weird.. but... that's all that happened for a while... She was.... suppose to be...

My Angel....

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