That Shadow
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landenmiller I have a "Talent" I guess.
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Sorry I haven't uploaded anything recently, but here. Make sure to comment what you think the poem means. <3

That Shadow

It's dark and gloomy. It's fading fast... it's dark.. there's no more light.. I..I can't get it back..

Save me... someone... he's... in control.. not me... it's not me anymore! Listen to me! You can't fight it.

You won't be saved anymore. Not since he's in control.. ugh. I feel chained.. what the hell..

Someone, save me! I'm sorry brother, i'm so sorry lover, forgive me father, I love you mother!

What's that growling? Oh Jesus, please someone save me! It's so dark in here..

I'm so scared.. I don't want to.. it's forcing me..

I can't.. I can't control myself... what is this power!?

I don't wanna hurt or think about hurting him! Please save me!

Help me, please! Please! Please!

I don't wanna think about that! No. Stop, you won't make me.

I won't let you have me. Can you hear me!?

Someone help, please...

What's that growling..? It's some sort of.. shadow of a wolf..

It's vicious red eyes.. his jaw of a shark.. it's teeth of a t-rex...

What... it's... it's talking to me? Oh god no.. please, this is a dream.. it's all fake!

The terror... the... death.. the shadow.. it's consuming me.. stop... please.. someone save.. me...

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