Rage & Regret
Rage & Regret deep stories

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A poem that'll help you relate.

Rage & Regret

Rage & Regret

You all look at me like i'm some kind of an animal... like my rage and anger is some sort of gift cause it's when my true strength comes out..

Yes, it's easier to protect people with it... but it's made to mostly hurt people.. it's almost like... an adrenaline rush.. but harder to control.

It can come out when you least expect it.. it can hurt someone from miles away... through space and time... it can also.. be used against you..

People look down at you, but you're trying everything you can to not bring the rage out..

you're over there screaming and crying because you're trying to stop yourself from trying to hurt someone so badly...

So... just remember this.. when someone gets hit and falls to the ground and they start SCREAMING just remember... they're not hurt... not cause of you.

They're actually just trying to protect you from themselves....

If you know what blind rage is... you'll know that after all that.. you lose your memory of what even happened and you're confused.

But once you realized what happened, it turns against you..

No.. you cannot stop the beast inside you, for it can never die.. it stays apart of you... but... there is a way you can tame it... maybe hold it back...

But.. it's very hard to do.. nearly impossible.. if you have BLIND RAGE

So... if you're ever mad... just remember... Rage & Regret don't work together...

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