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When you're in love... are you truly in love? Who's your true girlfriend/boyfriend?

In Love

In love

The first love you have... it's never actually your true love, but do you know what love feels like?

When you get too attached to someone, that's true love. When you love someone so much, you sometimes can hate them.

When you wait all day just for them to come over... or get online..

When you.. treasure them.. when you'll die for them.

Love is not just "Love" it's actually.. what makes humans, humans.

Whether it's an animal love.. or regular human love. They make US. Have you ever felt a little unsteady near someone?

Maybe light headed? It usually means your falling for them... when you're nervous around them.. but most girls that are your true love..

They'll never really make you feel that unease, they'll usually make you feel at home. But that's sometimes...

Have you ever wished you could do better by someone cause you think that's what you think?

Have you ever.. told someone you actually loved them, or was that fake?

If you've seen a girl cry... or maybe a guy.. you could actually be in love.

In everyone's perspective.. when they push you away. When they say, "Leave me alone"

They actually... they actually want you to show how much you care by staying with them.

When you love someone, you shouldn't die with them.. you should die for them.

Every male and female always... they're always beautiful, spread the love.

When you're in love, you won't ask for anything... when you're in love... you'll miss everything... you won't need diamond rings, gold, necklaces..

Not for where you're going... cause, you're in love...

That's why I wrote this for my beautiful girl. <3

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